Pain Between Shoulder Blades: What Can you Do About It At Home

Pain Between Shoulder Blades: What Can you Do About It At Home

Have you been suffering from shoulder blade pain or pain between shoulder blades? This is a common pain that a lot of people experience. However, it is not something that should be overlooked. In fact, no type of recurring pain should be overlooked, and so if you have been suffering from this, then it is important to speak with your doctor in order to determine the best course of action to relieving the pain. In the meantime, this article will give you some helpful ideas to help with the pain that you can administer by yourself and right from home.

If you’re experiences pain between or in or under shoulder blades, realize that this could be a hurt tendon. If so, try some common remedies at home such as putting ice on the hurt area. Since extreme shoulder blade pain can eventually lead to inflammation, putting ice on the affected area is usually a great way not only to relieve the pain, but to get ride of the inflammation as well. Another thing you might want to try for such pain are some basic stretches, which you can also do at home. Try rotating your arm slowly and carefully a few times. This will help your shoulder blade. You can also try a stretch where you reach your arm behind you, which flexes the shoulder blade and can help immensely with the pain.

However, if none of these really seem to do the trick when it comes to your pain in shoulder blade, the number one thing that you can do is nothing at all. That’s right, resting your shoulder can sometimes be the best thing for it. If you have strained it or overworked it in some way to cause this kind of pain, then resting it and avoiding using it for awhile can give it the chance to heal like it needs to. But if none of these techniques seem to provide you any relief, then you may have a larger problem and you should definitely check out the seven second pain relief system. These are scientific techniques to relieve your shoulder blades pain.

This technique can tell you for sure what is going to help with your shoulder pain and what could potentially make it worse. So take all of these suggestions with a grain of salt, and be sure to to check their official site.

Shoulder blade pain is something that so many people think that they are just going to have to live with forever. However, as you have read, it doesn’t have to be this way. Try those tips today and see if you can start experiencing the relief you have been needing. Why live another day with the pain between shoulder blade? Especially if it is keeping you from doing things that you would normally like to do, such as playing sports or even just going shopping. Nobody should have to put up with that, so fix the problem today. Make sure to check out the seven second relief system and come back here to give us you opinion about. We would love to hear your feedback about.

Some Easy Snoring Remedies To Avoid Snoring

Some Easy Snoring Remedies To Avoid Snoring

Snoring is more of a sleep disruption than a sleep disorder; it not only hampers your sleep, but also of the ones around you. Studies reveal that two out of every thirty US residents are snorers, among whom majority are males. The snoring tendency may grow with aging. However, there are some easy snoring remedies, following which you can easily get rid of this irritating sleep disorder. The options for cure of snoring are wide but prior to accepting any one of it; a subject needs to be diagnosed first. Unless the specific causes of snoring in an individual are detected, its cure measures cannot be decided.

Easy and effective remedies

There are several easy and effective snoring remedies, which can be easily pushed in your regular schedule. Snoring not only causes a rattling and vibrating sound during sleep, which may hamper the sound rest of individuals who sleep beside you, even though you are unaware of it, but may also be a cause of fatigue, frustration and tiredness during your work hours at daytime. Snorers cannot relax their body completely during sleep, as due to blockage in air ways, oxygen cannot pass smoothly into the throat via nostrils, instead the subject has to make an attempt to force pass oxygen into his/her throat via nostrils, by overcoming the tissue or tongue blockage. This results in utilization and loss of energy during sleep, thus hampering your hours of complete rest.

Natural remedies

The natural remedies for snoring may include consumption of herbal pills and medicines, which clear out blockages from respiratory passageway and help tissues to stay soft and lubricated. However, you should not buy such medicines directly from the counter, prior to obtaining a prescription from a physician. You can even include some suitable throat, neck and nape exercises in your routine and practice some breathing techniques. These are not direct snoring remedies, but will benefit your overall well-being and keep your inhalation and exhalation patterns stabilized. You should have a good diet, consisting of fibers and fluids. The fluids will keep your tissues soft and breathy, thus preventing their stiffness and collision.

Behavioral and habitual remedies

You should practice sleeping under correct postures; side sleeping is encouraged to stop snoring, as this prevents your tongue from falling back over your throat and your lower jaw from being pulled behind. You can use specialized anti snoring pillows, which are designed to encourage side sleeping, by aligning your throat with your spine, so that your lower jaw is kept forward. Even anti snoring pillows are available for back sleepers, which align the spinal cord properly and prevent the lower jaw from touching the chin. Under the reference of your physician, you can also visit a dentist to get an anti snoring dental appliance fitted in your oral portion. Avoidance of too much alcohol consumption, smoking and intake of sedatives will be a good approach towards cure of snoring.

Clinical remedies

Certain surgical procedures are conducted to stop a person from snoring; these are quite complicated and should only be undergone, post a through diagnosis of the subject’s body stability. Surgeries are usually referred, when none of the alternative snoring remedies brings out effective outcomes in the patient.

Can We Sing Our Way To Higher Consciousness?

Can We Sing Our Way To Higher Consciousness?

Am reading an interesting book, “How To kill 11 Million People”. Creepy title, but I bought it because it’s by the author of The Butterfly Effect. Really like that guy. His name is Andy Andrews.

In The Butterfly Effect the premise is that even the smallest of actions can have a major,life-changing outcome. Since I work with subtle energy (biofeedback and light)it helps explain the impact of the work. A small change in the energy template has significant results at a later date.

Anyway in How To Kill 11 Million People the author says he always wondered how the Nazis were able to load the Jews onto those trains. Often there were just a few soldiers and a few guns. There were hundreds of people, yet they were able to load them onto cattle cars without any resistance.

Why didn’t anybody run?

Here’s what he discovered:

It was because the Nazis lied to them.

Adolf Hitler taught that if you need to influence people, tell a BIG lie. That’s what they did.

First a few unarmed soldiers went to the ghettos, which had been surrounded by barbed wire. “We put that up to keep the war out”, they said. “ Everything is going to be fine, and we will soon move you to a safer place”

Then when they came to take them to the concentration camps, they said “We’re taking you to a safe place where you can work. Keep your children with you as they will be put in school.”

That’s why everybody stood, peacefully, in groups, keeping their children close by.

The end result was that they would load 100 people into a box car meant for about 6 cows. As soon as the last person was in, the padlock was clicked into place, and it was too late to do anything.

Apparently the German people didn’t want to know what was happening. As the trains went through the countryside they could hear screaming. They shut it out by singing hymns.

Although I think they drank some beer too.

It made me wonder. Are we doing that now? So much entertainment to choose from- television, internet, movies, sports events, books, and of course food everywhere you go.

And so much is controlled by the entertainment industry. Our mainstream media is a part of this system. We’re not getting any real news there, just what the corporate sponsors want us to hear.

( But at least we get up to date reports on celebrities. Brangelina engaged?  OH BOY! Like that really influences our destiny.)

Still, though, the light seems to be breaking through. Our consciousness is rising.

We could be the generation of transformation.

Unless we just sing louder.

Power Energy Formula

Power Energy Formula

This morning they shut my electric down to do repairs in the neighborhood. Of course, I went ballistic, because I had planned the day around working online. But then I remembered that in “world energy”, there are no accidents.

The Universe must have intended for me to go to Panera, eat a breakfast sandwich, and drink several cups of coffee.

Works for me.

But then I got to thinking about that fact that WE are surrounded by an inexhaustible source of energy, the infinite matrix that surrounds and connects us all.

We can’t lose our connection but maybe it can at times seem as if we have.

So, with that in mind, one way to flip our vibration switch to “high” and perhaps tune in to the most powerful energy in the net is through the EFT tapping. Are you doing it? I myself struggle to find the time, even though it only takes a few minutes a day. And yet I know it works! What’s that about?

Anyway, here’s another one if you are still at it. I’m not going to tap here in Panera, but have made a commitment to do so every day.

After all, we have our own power energy formula, if we choose to access it.

Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy – What You Must Know

Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy – What You Must Know

What you must know about BV remedy, when we speak of bacterial vaginosis, this is the name used to refer to the excessive growth of the bacteria in the vagina of a woman. Usually, the symptoms of this condition may differ from case to case. This usually depends from the severity of the problem.

However, there is a common manifestation present which is the presence of discharge. Regardless of the symptoms present, it is important that you learn some of the treatment available and there are lots of selections available for you. There are some remedies wherein they advocated by the doctors in the field of health.

The vagina is home to several naturally-occurring good bacteria in the body such as Lactobacilli. The normal acidity (ph) of the vagina has to be maintained in order for these bacteria to fight other bacteria entering the said cavity. But through the use of several products, dietary changes, and lifestyle habits, the natural environment of these bacteria become altered thus, producing conditions like bv.

Most women infected with Bacterial Vaginosis have no symptoms, and when symptoms do present themselves they can be rather embarrassing for the woman. BV is caused from an excessive growth of normal bacteria in the vagina and is not usually attributed to one specific form of bacteria.

Most of the diseases and illnesses that every single individual may experience today are caused by microorganisms specifically the pathogens. Pathogens are also known as the disease causing organisms that may enter or attack a person’s immune system and cause several inflammatory reactions resulting to pain and diseases. It is true that most of the illnesses are due to accumulation of invisible causing bacteria, fungi, viruses and more.


5 Effective Ingrown Hair Removal Solutions

5 Effective Ingrown Hair Removal Solutions

If you have some hair growth that you feel is a source of discomfort then chances are that you are looking for effective removal solutions to get rid of ingrown hair. As you will come to learn, there are quite many solutions to ingrown hair and the choice ultimately depends with you. So which are some of the common and effective techniques that one can use? Well, the following are some of the solutions that can give you respite from the nuisance and discomfort of ingrown hair.

The first effective solutions are depilatory products. These are the most common and among the cheapest hair removal solutions available in the market. You can access them in  the form of creams, gels, and lotions, or sprays from drug stores. These products have been formulated to dissolve the hair once they are applied to the targeted area. However, before using any of the products, you are advised to do a patch test to determine the sensitivity of your skin and the possibility of developing irritation, allergic reactions, or burns.

The second simple procedure that you can use is tweezing. This is another cheap method that basically incorporates the use of one device-a pair of tweezers. The procedure starts with sterilization of the pair of tweezers and removal of hair growth by plucking. It is quite painful and slow, and therefore it is suitable for removing ingrown hair from a small area. The results may last for about a month.

Another effective procedure is waxing. This is a remedy that one can perform oneself or it can be performed by another person. Waxing incorporates both hot and cold waxes. During removal of ingrown wax is applied on the targeted area and left for sometime and after it dries up, one pulls it off using a strip cloth. This procedure may be quite painful but it  is tolerable. The downside of this technique is that it may cause red spots where the root hairs have been removed. Anyway, this is a temporal procedure and the hair may start growing after a few weeks. The new hair may be much lighter and finer in texture.

Closely related to tweezing is shaving. This a simple routine that can be performed with much ease and speed. Nevertheless, it is the least effective technique and the outcome may last only a few days. You can use a shaving razor with at least one blade for the ingrown hair. When shaving, you should ensure that you shave properly and in the right direction in all targeted areas of your skin.

The last effective technique is laser hair treatment. This is the best solution for individuals who have chronic hair growth problems. During the removal, a laser beam is directed at specific hair follicles in the targeted area of the skin. The beams then destroy the hair follicles other wise known as root hairs and permanently stops further hair growth. although it is costly, it gives better result and greater satisfaction than other techniques.

Tips for Blood Blisters Treatments

Tips for Blood Blisters Treatments

If you feel the tingling, painful, itching sensation, and you’ve had it before, then you probably know when you’re getting a blood blister, and reach for the treatments.

However, if it’s the first time you’re getting one, you might not know what they are, or enough about blood blister treatments, to prevent them from getting into full swing – and once they do, the pain and irritation is even worse! Here are a few tips for treatments that everyone should know.

  • The first thing you need to understand about the treatments is that cold sores are a result of the Herpes virus – the same virus that causes chicken pox, shingles, and other diseases. It’s a different strain of Herpes, but the virus is very similar.
  • Because cold sores or ‘fever blisters’ are caused by a virus, the treatments with antibiotics, or antiseptics are completely ineffectual. Antibiotics only work on bacteria – not viruses.
  • One of the most important aspects of treatments is to make sure you wash your hands every time you touch the area. The virus is contagious, and it can spread!
  • Hand washing can also help to prevent secondary infections, which can complicate blisters treatments. Wash your hands frequently, as you’d be surprised at how many times a day you touch your mouth without thinking about it!
  • In most cases, the best treatments is to simply wait it out. Like most diseases and problems caused by the HSV-1 strain of herpes, cold sores will dry out and heal on their own, in about a week.
  • If your blood blister is taking a long time to heal, or if you are concerned, you can visit your doctor. He or she could prescribe an antiviral medication, like acyclovir, which can help to kill the virus, and speed up recovery.
  • You will probably find, whether you choose to use cold sore medication or not, that while you have the sores, some foods, particularly acidic ones, will cause pain or discomfort. Try to avoid getting the juice from oranges, tomatoes and other acidic foods on your blisters!
  • Don’t kiss someone when you have an active blister! Cold sores are very contagious, and if you’re kissing someone who’s never been infected, you might just give them the virus!
  • Finally, remember that like most strains of herpes, the virus that causes cold sores, the HSV-1 virus, never totally leaves your body. That means that even if you find an effective treatments, you may still have the virus flare up in the future – when you’re stressed or run down, or just completely out of the blue.

The truth is, when it comes to the blisters treatments, there are plenty of old wives tales out there. The only proven treatments, however, are prescription anti viral medications – however, the good news is that even without them, your blisters should clear up within a few days – and if not, it’s time to visit your doctor!

Starbucks Frappuccino Drink Reviews

Starbucks Frappuccino Drink Reviews

Review of Starbucks line of Frappuccino bottled drinks.

Price: $1.25 to $2.75

Size: 9.5 fluid ounces

Availability: Most markets


The Frappuccino was one of Starbucks first products to go beyond a Starbucks in store selling point besides ground coffee by the pound. It is based on their cold smoothie like coffee drinks without the ground up ice. Starbucks makes 6 main types of the drink including Coffee, Mocha, Mocha Lite, Vanilla, Caramel, and Dark Chocolate Mocha. Each flavor is slightly different but based around the same basic concept of lowfat milk, iced coffee, and sugar.

The first thing you notice about the bottles is that they hold just under 10 ounces of beverage, that is less than a can of soda. But one thing I can say right from the start, in my opinion, is that any beverage served in glass rather than plastic or can tends to taste better.

The texture of the Starbucks bottled Frappuccinos is very creamy and smooth. It isn’t as frothy as their line of Doubleshot canned drinks however. You should gently shake the bottle before opening and be sure to drink it ice cold for the best taste.

The first flavor that hits your lips, and I’m sure this is what Starbucks was going for here, is the flavor mentioned on the label. So for caramel, you’ll get a big flavorful taste within the first sip. The aftertaste notes are of coffee, which depending on your coffee preferences can range from weak to bitter.

I found the Vanilla flavor to be the smoothest of them all. You can easily drink it down in one or two big sips and hardly notice. For those looking for an extra sweet taste, the Mocha and Dark Chocolate Mocha gives a very strong and pronounced sweet taste. Maybe a bit too sweet for some taste buds, but if you like chocolate you will enjoy these two flavors.

The Coffee flavor is for those who like Starbucks coffee served basic with milk and sugar, but if you like your coffee straight up or black, the Frappuccino is not for you. The Lite version as the name suggests is one that has less sugar, fat , and calories than the original. Over time it is possible that Starbucks will release a Lite version of their other flavors.

The caffeine kick you may get from this drink is accented by the sugar but keep in mind sugar crashes can occur once the initial rush runs out. Also you’ll want to keep in mind that the drink does contain a small amount of fat as well as sugar. Starbucks also recommends that the drink be served ice cold or over ice for the best taste.

Overall the Frappuccino line of bottled drinks are tasty and a good drink for a quick pick me up if you like creamy and iced coffee flavors. Results may vary in terms of the wake up you get from this drink but it’s worth a try if you can’t get the full size and fresh made in store versions.

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Tips on Home Brewing Beer

Tips on Home Brewing Beer

Most home brewing is unfortunately undertaken by the non serious amateurs who have visions of brewing up bottle after bottle of first rate quality beer that would have customers knocking at their door to demand slab after slab no matter what the cost. Truth of the matter is that home brewing is not as easy as it first appears. Beer brewing really is an art.

Your first batch may taste alright but for some reason the second batch tastes foul. The third batch has you regretting the outlay for the equipment and ingredients . After that the equipment sits in the garage gathering dust waiting for the next garage sale. What goes wrong?

In order to make brew after brew of reasonable home brew the single most important factor is to have everything thoroughly sterile. If you don’t start with everything clean as a whistle then you will most likely spoil your brew. In order for the fermentation to take place it is also important to maintain the correct temperature throughout the fermentation. You must watch over the process like a mother hen watches over her eggs.

Most amateurs turn out a reasonable brew because they follow instructions to the letter and nursemaid the beer from brewing to bottling. The second batch fails because the same degree of attention is not applied. The third batch fails the same because possibly the sterilization has been carried out to the extreme and some the the sterilization residue has been left to contaminate the beer. Too much fussing around also serves to spoil the beer.

If you are going to persevere with home brewing you need to involve yourself and treat it as a full time hobby. Different brews will require different styles of brewing. It is most likely you will ruin several batches before you hit upon the ideal method that turns out the flavor you have been seeking. Remember though before you start a fresh batch all your equipment must be spotlessly clean.

Before you embark on home brewing you really should ask yourself is it really worth it. If you are hopeless with due care and attention and adopt a slap happy approach then it may be far cheaper and far less trouble to simply stick with your own favorite beer than attempting to home brew. Your store bought beer will not only have a consistency of flavor but also that of level of alcohol. Home brew on the other hand is generally not consistent with one batch tasting better or worse than the other and no consistency of alcoholic percentage. Store bought beer also is free of sediments however home brew may be off putting if it has little bits of this and that floating around in it.

As I said previously most amateurs simply give up and consign the home brew equipment to the garage to gather dust. The beer manufactures are well aware of the failure rate and so are not overly concerned with the amateurs. Consider if is was so simple to brew batch after batch of consistent flavored beer and everyone decided to do it how long would it be before the large brewers stepped in to stamp out the practice. If anything home brewing only serves to boost sales of store bought beer when the home brewer gives up in disgust.

My simple tip is to seek out somebody who has mastered the art of home brewing or simply attend classes run by the shops that sell the equipment. Glean as much information as you can as to attaining success with every batch before outlaying any money on equipment. Then be prepared to spend a few dollars to experiment. It can be done if you are dedicated.

As a footnote if you are the same type of person who would buy a bread making machine then you may be the same type of person interested in home brew. Take a look at your bread maker and try to remember why it isn’t being used anymore. On the other hand if you regularly like to experiment with a bread maker you may just like to attempt to home brew.

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Tips Eating Eating out Restaurants Mid Range Restaurants Cost Money Saving Money Spending

Tips Eating Eating out Restaurants Mid Range Restaurants Cost Money Saving Money Spending

Lets just face it; in these hard economic times every one (not just Americans) are fighting to save every penny and to save every dollar we can save. A way we can do this is by looking at where we are spending the most money out in our monthly spending. One of those places is probably the money you spend eating out. There are at least 5 different tips that you can use to help yourself when it comes to buying a meal at a restaurant. You can do things like order water, buying a meal and splitting it with someone, ask family for gift cards, ask for the specials, and look at smaller meals. You follow these tips and you are sure to save some money even when ordering at a higher end restaurant.

The first item on the list is ordering water. Ordering water is free. Some places will charge you for every refill you get. There are also some places that will charge for refill on coffee as well. Your waiter or waitress might seem to think that you are cheap but when you order water instead of paying up to ten dollars for a drink in a high end restaurant then you can leave you waiter or waitress a higher tip rather than just leaving a normal 10% tip. they will appreciate it more.

The second item on the list is buying a meal and splitting it with another person. You may not think about it this much but most of your meals these days are not really the right proportioned meal on what you are supposed to eat in a normal serving size. If you get someone to go with you and split the cost of the meal with you then you save them money and you save you money as well. With splitting the meal with another person you will also be more likely to only eat what you are supposed to eat and not over stuff yourself trying to get your monies worth on your trip.

The third item I mentioned is asking family for gift cards. The reason I mention this one is because you can gift cards for a lot of your local restaurants with out even going into the restaurant now. Most places have a kiosk stand set up at your local grocery or retail store and when your friends and family ask you what you want for Christmas tell them that you want a gift card for the favorite place you like to eat. You could also tell them to get you one from some where that you have not eaten before.

The fourth item listed is to ask for the specials at the restaurant. What I mean by that is that most restaurants (especially high end ones) will have a special menu. Some call it a daily special others may call a special of the month or special for the hour. Your wine and alcohol drinks may be included in these as well. Most high end restaurants may use the term happy hour where they have specials on wine and drinks until the end of the specified hour.

The last item mentioned is to buy a smaller portioned meal when ordering your meal. There are places that now have weight watcher meals or L.A. Weight Loss meals which help people who are dieting or for those who are trying to make a life style change to still be able to eat out at a restaurant. The meals for these types of orders are small but the price is also adjusted accordingly. You can also go to your favorite restaurants during lunch hours. Going during lunch hour is a good idea because you can generally eat for two to three people for under $30.00 for the whole meal including tip. Eating there during lunch hour may not be possible for some but remember that most of them have take out menus and some even have home or business delivery. Just remember on the delivery part that you may be charged for delivery besides the tip that you give the person for delivering. That’s why it might save you more money to use take out service and call ahead to order the food then it will be ready by the time you take your lunch.

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