How to Make better Brownies

How to Make better Brownies

Do you love chewy brownies with a twist? Are you a brownie lover? Brownies that are full of great add-in ingredients are always a welcome treat.

Using a boxed mix you will just tweak the recipe: Substitute margarine or butter for oil, that the recipe asks for. This subtle substitution makes a dramatic difference on how chewy and moist the brownies will be.

Use the same amount of butter or margarine as you would oil, that the recipe asks for on the box. If the recipe calls for cup of all you will use cup of butter or margarine. Melt the fat, and add it in that way. Just a quick little zap in the microwave should do the trick. Let margarine cool for a minute and then add it into the recipe. You do not want to start cooking the eggs you added. In addition, if the recipe calls for 2 eggs, use one, and one egg yolk. When you reduce the egg white, the yolk liquid is more concentrated, making a more dense and chewy end product.

Load them up: Add some chocolate chips! Try triple chocolate brownies by adding milk chocolate and white chocolate chips. For a double batch you can use a full bag of baking chips, for a single use of the 11-12 ounce bags in your brownie batches. Adding nuts is a great idea also. Add pecans or walnuts for nutty brownies. Make them with chocolate and nuts! Maybe you like fruits in your brownies. Add chocolate covered raisins and add them in the mix and make a homemade chocolate frosting. Add chopped chocolate covered raisins, and mix them in before frosting the batch. Choose your favorite ingredients and add them into your brownies. Dried fruits are excellent, why not make a chocolate forest brownie? Mint chocolate brownies, peanut butter cup, and caramel, are all amazing add in ingredients. The possibilities are endless as to all the delicious variations you can try.

Knowing if brownies are done, aside from timing your batch, can be difficult to figure out. Follow the recommended baking time and temperatures from the boxed mix, if you are making a plain batch of brownies. If you are adding ingredients though, it is a whole different bake time. You will change the time if you are making a double batch, or if you add any additional ingredients. The more you add, the more time they will take to bake. For example, you made need to double baking time in some cases. Here is a good way to know if the brownie is done. Since brownies density and texture is very moist, the toothpick test is ineffective and an unhelpful indicator to test for doneness unlike in cake.

To test the doneness use your oven mitts and careful remove brownies from oven. Hold the pan level and tilt the hot brownies back and forth. Check the center of the pan of brownies. If the center moves, they are not done. If the center appears set, they are finished. Keep a watchful eye on your batches. Brownies with add in ingredients cost a lot of money, if you burn them, or under cook, they are ruined.

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