How to Spice up a Cake Mix

How to Spice up a Cake Mix

Making a Terrific Cake With A Mix

Making a terrific cake does not have to be a time-consuming chore. It can be fast, fun and creative, if you use your imagination. A great place to start is with your favorite cake mix. By substituting a few of the required ingredients and adding a few others, a cake that started as a mix can become a homemade delight.


The first ingredient that can be substituted is the water. Water works fine if you want a cake mix cake as the end result. If, however, you want a cake that tastes homemade, use milk or buttermilk in the same amount instead of the water required. This will give the cake a richer flavor.

The oil or margarine can also be substituted for real butter in the same amount. This substitution not only makes the cake taste richer, but will also be moister. And everyone likes a moist cake.


My favorite ingredient to add to any cake mix is Cool Whip. Mix the cake according the package directions. Then stir in an 8-12 oz. container of Cool Whip and bake as directed. Just be prepared for the lightest cake you have ever cooked. It will almost float off the cake plate!

Another great addition is sour cream. An 8 oz. container adds a little twang to the taste and makes the cake lighter. Just prepare the cake according to the directions and mix in the sour cream. Bake as directed on the package.

Cream cheese is a great ingredient to dress up a cake mix. The cake will be a little heavier, but will taste like homemade. Use an 8 oz. package of cream cheese and let it soften to room temperature. Beat it a little first. Prepare the cake mix according to directions and beat the cream cheese into the batter. Bake as directed. Be sure to test for doneness with a toothpick. The cake may take a little longer to cook when using cream cheese.

Of course, fruits of any kind, minus the juice, are other good additions for a cake mix. Add a can of chipped cherries to chocolate cake mix or pineapple chunks to yellow cake mix for a flavorful cake.

Nuts and raisins are also good options. Normally, a half cup of each is plenty to transform a cake mix into your own homemade creation. Be sure to flour them before stirring into your favorite mix. Pecans work well in a Carmel cake mix, and walnuts add great flavor to a chocolate mix. Raisins can be used with nuts or alone.

As for topping off your cakes, canned icings offer a variety of choices, and most are quite good. If you prefer a glaze, just melt 2-3 tablespoons of canned icing and pour over your cake.

Spicing up a cake mix is really easy to do. Consider your likes and dislikes and experiment with substitutions and additions. You will soon discover that a cake mix can be the foundation of many great homemade cakes.

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