The Web can help Grow your Business

The Web can help Grow your Business

Restaurants need web-based marketing and ordering systems primarily to expand their business, reduce errors in order taking and limit payroll demands. Web-based marketing and ordering systems allow the restaurant business to offer transactions in multiple languages across the world and at home in the United States. Convenience and comfortability are vital when generating web-based marketing and ordering systems.

Web-based marketing is like putting a billboard with your restaurant information on it next to every mailbox in America. According to the U.S. Census conducted in 2003, 62 percent of Americans have computers in their home. This number increased from 56 percent in 2001. Applying basic marketing and business principles with the knowledge of how many households have computers inside their homes can result in improved traffic inside restaurants. Higher traffic inside the restaurant can produce additional revenue. Marketing through the Internet help support your brand while directing potential customers where to go to research your menu, specials and locations.

Web-based marketing ad campaigns should be accompanied by online ordering systems. It is a global market and utilizing the Internet in addition to improved computer software will open opportunities for growth among the different nationalities living throughout the United States. In the United States citizens that don’t speak the English language very well will be given the opportunity online to view a restaurant menu, order and submit questions in a variety of different languages.

Online ordering systems through a restaurant website will help promote the restaurant and streamline the order taking process. When a customer gets online they can place their order, save their favorites, and pay by credit card within minutes. Many online ordering programs today can be setup by individual customers to save their favorite menu items, credit card information and submit coupons. When choosing an online ordering system be sure that it has safety features built in so your customer’s information is protected. It is just another way of taking care of your customers that will bring them back again and again.

Allowing the customer to enter their information, verify it and send it directly into the restaurant reduces errors by in store customer service representatives. The order that is received in the restaurant comes directly from the customer, given to the cooks and prepared to their specifications. In addition to reducing errors, it also allows for reducing the number of employees needed in each restaurant. Customers ordering online will no longer be placed on hold, have the possibility of a lost connection or hear the operations personnel in the background while trying to place their order. They will feel like they are the restaurants only customer, ensure their order is placed correctly and instantly receive information regarding their order on when it will be ready for pickup or approximately how long before it will be delivered to their front door.

Restaurants that invest in web-based marketing and online ordering systems will edge out the competition by emerging into the technological age, reducing overhead and creating an atmosphere of ease when ordering online.

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