Product Reviews Thorntons Chocolates

Product Reviews Thorntons Chocolates

I have always been a fan of Thorntons chocolate; from their delicious praline filled offerings to their sumptuously moorish bars. So it was with a certain amount of joy I was handed a box of their finest chocolates to try.

A look at the menu on the box informs me this is an orange cream. However, I am pleasantly surprised when the chocolate disintegrates in my mouth, the orange filling is not as sweet as other orange creams and the dark chocolate compliments it well. The orange flavor actually tastes or orange and is subtle enough so as not to be offensive.

My next chocolate – when bitten into unleashed a delicious soft truffle filling. This is how chocolates should taste delightfully sumptuous and rich. The slight bitterness of the truffle filling counterbalances the sweet of the milk chocolate shell to perfection, each sensation complimenting the other without overpowering it.

Moving on to a marbled milk and white chocolate melange holding within a soft strawberry filling which again is a lot less offensive than it could be. In fact as strawberry creams go, this is among the best I have tried. The actual flavor of the strawberries has been allowed to hold center stage, rather than the usual sickly sweet of lesser brands. The white and milk chocolate works well too, usually strawberry creams are the preserve of plain chocolate which in my mind detracts from the flavors.

Now to the one I’ve wanted to try the most – the caramel crisp. The caramel taste is delightfully strong, a real kick after the blander chocolates thus far, with the flavor not unlike a liquid crunchy bar. Again the milk chocolate plays a part in setting off the overall tang but stays subtly in the background to let the caramel take center stage.

From the sublime to the ridiculous now as we go from the chocolate I most wanted to try to the one I was least expecting to like. Chocolate and coffee have never been particularly good bedfellows to my mind, so it was with trepidation that I bite into the next offering. Sadly there was to be no pleasant surprise here, the bitter taste of the cappuccino and the plain chocolate did little to complement each other.

Last – but by no means least – we have the praline. Like an old familiar favorite the flavor envelopes the mouth gloriously. You get a real sense of quality as the taste of the praline and the white and dark chocolate amalgamate into one luxurious oral delight. Still the original and best in my opinion.

So, this was not a bad box of chocolates to munch through, all things considered. The sickly-sweet puss like glop of lesser brands had rather scarred me with regard to all things soft centered so I am happy that this Thorntons selection have readdressed the balance somewhat. With the exception of the Cappuccino one I enjoyed all of the offerings, and was pleasantly surprised that the orange and strawberry creams in particular were rather moorish. Although it is fair to say these won’t feature too highly on my favorite chocolates list they are still worthy contenders should I have the sudden urge for some soft centered chocolates. Three stars out of five from me then, with the footnote that if you are one of the minority who enjoy this type of chocolate then there is probably no better example available, and although a little on the expensive side they are worthy of the Investment.

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