Starbucks Frappuccino Drink Reviews

Starbucks Frappuccino Drink Reviews

Review of Starbucks line of Frappuccino bottled drinks.

Price: $1.25 to $2.75

Size: 9.5 fluid ounces

Availability: Most markets


The Frappuccino was one of Starbucks first products to go beyond a Starbucks in store selling point besides ground coffee by the pound. It is based on their cold smoothie like coffee drinks without the ground up ice. Starbucks makes 6 main types of the drink including Coffee, Mocha, Mocha Lite, Vanilla, Caramel, and Dark Chocolate Mocha. Each flavor is slightly different but based around the same basic concept of lowfat milk, iced coffee, and sugar.

The first thing you notice about the bottles is that they hold just under 10 ounces of beverage, that is less than a can of soda. But one thing I can say right from the start, in my opinion, is that any beverage served in glass rather than plastic or can tends to taste better.

The texture of the Starbucks bottled Frappuccinos is very creamy and smooth. It isn’t as frothy as their line of Doubleshot canned drinks however. You should gently shake the bottle before opening and be sure to drink it ice cold for the best taste.

The first flavor that hits your lips, and I’m sure this is what Starbucks was going for here, is the flavor mentioned on the label. So for caramel, you’ll get a big flavorful taste within the first sip. The aftertaste notes are of coffee, which depending on your coffee preferences can range from weak to bitter.

I found the Vanilla flavor to be the smoothest of them all. You can easily drink it down in one or two big sips and hardly notice. For those looking for an extra sweet taste, the Mocha and Dark Chocolate Mocha gives a very strong and pronounced sweet taste. Maybe a bit too sweet for some taste buds, but if you like chocolate you will enjoy these two flavors.

The Coffee flavor is for those who like Starbucks coffee served basic with milk and sugar, but if you like your coffee straight up or black, the Frappuccino is not for you. The Lite version as the name suggests is one that has less sugar, fat , and calories than the original. Over time it is possible that Starbucks will release a Lite version of their other flavors.

The caffeine kick you may get from this drink is accented by the sugar but keep in mind sugar crashes can occur once the initial rush runs out. Also you’ll want to keep in mind that the drink does contain a small amount of fat as well as sugar. Starbucks also recommends that the drink be served ice cold or over ice for the best taste.

Overall the Frappuccino line of bottled drinks are tasty and a good drink for a quick pick me up if you like creamy and iced coffee flavors. Results may vary in terms of the wake up you get from this drink but it’s worth a try if you can’t get the full size and fresh made in store versions.

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