Tips Eating Eating out Restaurants Mid Range Restaurants Cost Money Saving Money Spending

Tips Eating Eating out Restaurants Mid Range Restaurants Cost Money Saving Money Spending

Lets just face it; in these hard economic times every one (not just Americans) are fighting to save every penny and to save every dollar we can save. A way we can do this is by looking at where we are spending the most money out in our monthly spending. One of those places is probably the money you spend eating out. There are at least 5 different tips that you can use to help yourself when it comes to buying a meal at a restaurant. You can do things like order water, buying a meal and splitting it with someone, ask family for gift cards, ask for the specials, and look at smaller meals. You follow these tips and you are sure to save some money even when ordering at a higher end restaurant.

The first item on the list is ordering water. Ordering water is free. Some places will charge you for every refill you get. There are also some places that will charge for refill on coffee as well. Your waiter or waitress might seem to think that you are cheap but when you order water instead of paying up to ten dollars for a drink in a high end restaurant then you can leave you waiter or waitress a higher tip rather than just leaving a normal 10% tip. they will appreciate it more.

The second item on the list is buying a meal and splitting it with another person. You may not think about it this much but most of your meals these days are not really the right proportioned meal on what you are supposed to eat in a normal serving size. If you get someone to go with you and split the cost of the meal with you then you save them money and you save you money as well. With splitting the meal with another person you will also be more likely to only eat what you are supposed to eat and not over stuff yourself trying to get your monies worth on your trip.

The third item I mentioned is asking family for gift cards. The reason I mention this one is because you can gift cards for a lot of your local restaurants with out even going into the restaurant now. Most places have a kiosk stand set up at your local grocery or retail store and when your friends and family ask you what you want for Christmas tell them that you want a gift card for the favorite place you like to eat. You could also tell them to get you one from some where that you have not eaten before.

The fourth item listed is to ask for the specials at the restaurant. What I mean by that is that most restaurants (especially high end ones) will have a special menu. Some call it a daily special others may call a special of the month or special for the hour. Your wine and alcohol drinks may be included in these as well. Most high end restaurants may use the term happy hour where they have specials on wine and drinks until the end of the specified hour.

The last item mentioned is to buy a smaller portioned meal when ordering your meal. There are places that now have weight watcher meals or L.A. Weight Loss meals which help people who are dieting or for those who are trying to make a life style change to still be able to eat out at a restaurant. The meals for these types of orders are small but the price is also adjusted accordingly. You can also go to your favorite restaurants during lunch hours. Going during lunch hour is a good idea because you can generally eat for two to three people for under $30.00 for the whole meal including tip. Eating there during lunch hour may not be possible for some but remember that most of them have take out menus and some even have home or business delivery. Just remember on the delivery part that you may be charged for delivery besides the tip that you give the person for delivering. That’s why it might save you more money to use take out service and call ahead to order the food then it will be ready by the time you take your lunch.

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