Power Energy Formula

Power Energy Formula

This morning they shut my electric down to do repairs in the neighborhood. Of course, I went ballistic, because I had planned the day around working online. But then I remembered that in “world energy”, there are no accidents.

The Universe must have intended for me to go to Panera, eat a breakfast sandwich, and drink several cups of coffee.

Works for me.

But then I got to thinking about that fact that WE are surrounded by an inexhaustible source of energy, the infinite matrix that surrounds and connects us all.

We can’t lose our connection but maybe it can at times seem as if we have.

So, with that in mind, one way to flip our vibration switch to “high” and perhaps tune in to the most powerful energy in the net is through the EFT tapping. Are you doing it? I myself struggle to find the time, even though it only takes a few minutes a day. And yet I know it works! What’s that about?

Anyway, here’s another one if you are still at it. I’m not going to tap here in Panera, but have made a commitment to do so every day.

After all, we have our own power energy formula, if we choose to access it.

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