Sauce Spread Dips

Sauce Spread Dips

Cranberry sauce is a wonderful healthy addition to any meal. Not just the holiday feast. Cranberries are a great source of antioxidants. The phytochemicals are under active research for possible benefits to the cardiovascular system, immune system and as anti-cancer agents.

Cranberries have moderate levels of vitamin C. They also include dietary fiber and the essential dietary mineral, manganese. Cranberry tannins have anti-clotting properties and may reduce urinary tract infections and the amount of dental plaque-causing oral bacteria, thus being a prophylaxis for gingivitis.

With all this being said, I have looked for ways to include cranberries into my daily diet. I would like to share this simple but delicious recipe. I love it for breakfast. It is a great compliment to a ham or turkey sandwich.

Try it as a side dish or for any meal of choice. Feel free to vary this recipe to your own personal taste preference. I prefer pecans, but you could substitute walnuts or almonds. You may prefer walnuts. Walnuts are an all important brain food.

If you are in a hurry, canned mandarin slices may be substituted. Though I much prefer a fresh navel orange. It adds freshness and an additional boost of vitamin C.


* 1 can of Ocean-spray Whole Cranberries
* 1/2 to 3/4 cup of Chopped Pecans or Walnuts
* 1 large Navel Orange or
* 1 can of well drained Mandarin Slices


First, open the can of cranberries and add them to a medium sized bowl. Use a fork and stir gently. Next peel the navel orange, using a sharp knife. Make sure to remove all the peeling and white skin.

You only want, the sweet orange pulp. A sharp serrated knife works best, to chop the orange. Chop the orange into very small pieces. Add the orange including the juice to the cranberries.

If canned mandarins are used, make sure to drain excess juice. Leave them whole if you’d like or chop them into small pieces and add to cranberries.

Next, chop the pecans or nuts of choice with sharp knife. For an alternate method of chopping pecans/nuts, put them in a sandwich bag and tap them with a small household hammer.

This works very well especially, if you prefer smaller pieces. Of course, you can buy pecan or walnut pieces at your local grocery store. I simply, like to chop them myself. This way the flavor and freshness of the nuts are never in question.

Add nuts to mixture. Stirring completely. Being careful not to mash the berries. Do not cook or add sugar. Cover bowl and chill for 30 minutes or longer. This gives the flavors time to blend.

Navel oranges are seedless. Navels and cranberries are the perfect blend. No sugar added. For those of us who love cranberries and even those who are not so fond of their tartness. This recipe is a winner. Try something new and a little bit different.

You may be pleasantly surprised. I love the fact, there is no sugar added. Nor any cooking involved. Nuts and berries are great for your health. Enjoy!

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